In this original, important and inspiring book, Robert Winder tells of the remarkable migrations that have founded and defined a nation. This book draws all their stories together in a compelling narrative. Biographical Notes. Robert Winder was literary editor of the INDEPENDENT. “Buying a Stamp? Sorry, We Only Serve Asylum-Seekers.” This headline indicates the kind of prejudice incurred by the latest batch of.

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Empty Planet is a hugely important book for our times.

Bloody Foreigners

Everyone should read this book! With access to hundreds of extraordinary new documents just released in the US, Taylor Downing is able to tell for the first time the gripping but true story of how near the world came to the brink of nuclear war in But I think this book proves we can learn from the successes of the past as well as from the mistakes, and that overall we can take heart.

Apologies for the sombre and cautious tone, when actually I am feeling quite bright and hopeful about all this. The temperature was rising fast. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime.

But the famed Frankish cavalry charge failed them, and the well-arranged battlefield dissolved into a melee. When a Soviet fighter jet shot down Korean Air Lines flight KAL after straying off course over a sensitive Soviet military area, President Reagan described it as a ‘terrorist act’ and ‘a crime against humanity’.

In the Name of the Family by Sarah Dunant. Slavery was, then, both ubiquitous and varied. But the postwar black immigrants received a much more hostile reception, even though they were sanctioned by the Labour government, which faced a shortage of labour; and the arrival of Caribbeans on the Empire Windrush in provoked a backlash of racism, which was followed by more scares about Asian immigrants and by drastic legislation.

The history of immigration into Britain is excellent, packed with detail which is seldom mentioned. The Dry by Jane Harper.

I only give it four stars because I almost never give five.

Cover book: Bloody Foreigners by Robert Winder

Apr 25, Jake Jacobs rated it really liked it. But immigration is an issue it can be very hard to discuss usefully and cogently. It is rarely mentioned that they are predominately French – proud monuments to the invasion that signals the end of England’s ‘dark age’. In VICTORY CITY, John Strausbaugh returns to tell the story of New York City’s war years with the same richness, depth, and nuance he brought to his previous books, City of Sedition and The Village, providing readers with a groundbreaking new look into the greatest city on earth during the most transformative — and costliest — war in human history.


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Bloody Foreigners: The Story of Immigration to Britain by Robert Winder

And undoubtedly there is today an unprecedented economic need for immigrants, at a time when the birth rate of white Foreignets has declined dramatically, many young whites are tragically unqualified and unmotivated, and the ageing population desperately needs productive young workers to support it.

A Man of Good Hope. Also striking is the continuity of exploitation under capitalism, which the book perhaps inadvertently highlights. Create An Account Why Join?

That it is a touch eccentric and, at key moments, wrong-headed is nothing against its overall quality. The religious divide may be no greater than that which separated Catholic Irish and Protestant Britons in the 19th century; but the relationship with Muslims will provide a serious challenge to British leadership, exacerbated by the fears of terrorism from fundamentalists.

He tells the story vividly, with fascinating contemporary quotations describing the impact of each new group of immigrants, from Jewish moneylenders to Huguenot weavers, from Irish labourers to Indian shopkeepers – until it seems hard to imagine Britain without these stimuli. A most impressive book, and beautifully written. The book makes the point gently that we are, blody, an immigrant, mongrel race.

Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. He correctly pointed out that although Ireland was part of the UK Irish people were treated as foreigners and immigrants. It is pleasant read and foreginers your attention. As prize-winning historian Darren Dochuk reveals, from the earliest discovery of oil in America during the Civil War, Americans saw oil as the nation’s special blessing and its peculiar burden, the source of its prophetic mission in the world.


Winder addresses both of these issues well, going centuries back to paint both a broad picture as well as focusing on individual, specific anecdotes which add a level of personal interest which adds to the reading experience. In fact he doesn’t know the answer to any of their questions – not even his own name.

It presents this often-forgotten struggle in an accessible, conversational, relevant manner for a wide audience. On anti-Semitism he stated that anti-Semitism was utterly awful elsewhere and in Britain it was considerably less than utterly awful, and implied therefore that it was ok for Jews in This is a very good book indeed, 4.

Yuri Andropov, the paranoid Soviet leader, saw all this as signs of American aggression and convinced himself that the US really meant to attack the Soviet Union. But there were always dissonant voices often foreign ones to remind b,oody that things might not be so simple, and that we might even own a past as riven and complicated as those of our continental neighbours.

Rather than growing exponentially, they argue, the global population is headed for a steep decline. This useful and readable book should provoke many readers to reconsider their picture of Britishness, and to realise how much of our enterprise and tolerance has originated from the interplay with immigrants who were once seen as dangerously foreign.

Keep me logged in on this computer. Our shops and banks were created by Jews. It’s a non-fiction book that reads like a novel.

But in Robert Winder’s brilliantly-written account it is a land built on a lucky set of natural ingredients: He is rigorous and meticulous as well as telling really good stories about individuals or groups that encapsulate his point almost always that immigrant groups are diverse, their experiences different but similar, and that they have enriched us — noting that I use the language of us — indigenous — when I am one — immigrant.