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Diode BYW80-200

The mechanical stress limits for the button diode are as follows: For use in common rectifier circuits, Table 1 indicates suggested factors for an equivalent dc voltage to use for conservative design; i. Capital cost is low compared to belt.

Motorola does not convey any license under its patent rights nor the rights of others. Specifications and information herein are subject to change without notice. V Plating problems require a knowledge of plating operations for complete understanding of observed deficiencies. Empirical data shows that A in relation [4] re- mains within Therefore, unless the designer has a parasitic inductance of value L in his circuit, the standard characterization data will be useless, or worse, it might lead to an overestimate of the ruggedness of his application: First is the chip, which has an interface metal between the barrier metal and aluminum-contact metal to eliminate any possible interaction between the two.

There are handling problems because of slow cooling. Some slight differences show that the transient thermal resistance in- creases with the current level: All devices are connected cathode-to-case or cathode-to-heatsink, where applicable.

This gener- ates a graph similar to the UIS method, except that the cur- rent is constant instead of decreasing linearly. Figure 5 shows a typical heating profile for use when soldering a surface mount device to a printed circuit board. Avalanche, breakdown, unclamped inductive switching energy, safe operating areas. Satisfactory circuit analysis work may be per- formed by using a model consisting of an ideal diode in parallel with a variable capacitance.


Inspection should be both electrical and physical. A complete line of fast recovery rectifiers having typical recovery time of nanoseconds providing high efficiency at frequencies to kHz.

This graph gives the maximum avalanche duration for any value of avalanche current. The compression washer helps to maintain a con- stant pressure on the package over time and during large temperature excursions.

This can be shown by compar- ing the temperature rise after 1 ms for forward and datasheet conduction pulses of same power W: Hot Plates are good for soldering small quantities of prototype devices. If he knows the value of the para- sitic inductance in his circuit he will be able to determine its maximum peak current.

The excellent heat transfer property of the heavy duty copper anode terminal which transmits dataasheet away from the die requires that caution be used when attaching wires. However, in order to positively ensure the package integrity of the fully isolated device, Motorola does not recommend exceeding 10 in – lbs of mounting torque under any mounting conditions. These two features give the unit the capability of passing stringent datahseet fatigue tests for 5, cycles.

The energy that the device can sustain without failing becomes a figure of merit of the ruggedness to avalanche: An eight degree tilt is a suggested maximum value. Motorola suggests a heat sink be clamped between the eyelot and the body during any soldering operation. Assum- ing the component resistive elements are small Equation 1 approximates the total energy transferred to the diode.


The type of flux used depends upon the degree of cleaning to be accomplished and is a function of the metals involved.

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The operator must set temperatures for several heating zones and a figure for belt speed. Terms in the model signify: Finally, tighten the end bolts between 30 to 40 in-lb.

Also, used in conjunction with common cathode dual Datsheet Rectifiers, makes a single phase full-wave bridge. The non-preferred devices will continue to be offered, but customers are encouraged to begin designing using the preferred types. Typical reverse current for lower voltage selections can be estimated from dxtasheet curves if Vr is sufficient below rated Vr.

Therefore, the following items should always be observed in order to minimize the thermal stress to which the devices are subjected.

Contact your Motorola representative for more details. Power is slightly lower for the 1N because of its lower forward voltage, and higher for the 1N The avalanche capability is proportional to the die size and not to the perimeter. For a given total lead length, lowest values occur when one side of the rectifier is brought as close as possible to the heatsink.

The figures solve for a reference tem- perature as determined by equation 2: