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If she went to the city where she was born cerfz asked for her birth certificate, how can she prove it’s hers? Maybe she was lucky and they just didn’t do anything with it.

This is left to the reader as an exercise in the US. Create Procedure for Guadeloupe. Since she’s in the US, I suspect the consulate will stamp it ie makes it official. She found it later and is now in possession of both her old passport and the declaration of loss.

The official government website service-public. Submit a new 1411 post.

Guadeloupe – Replace National Identity Card (Minor)

Best case, she could go back to the place where she filed the form the police and ask them if they did indeed file the information into the database or if the form just went to “vertical filing” xerfa the trash can. Her birth certificate should be enough to prove her nationality she was born in France and one of her parent was too.

The consulate won’t give a shit: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and cdrfa our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

If you find it, you have to bring it to the authority which delivered it and not make use of it in any case. A declaration of loss is needed in order to apply for a replacement card.


Guadeloupe – Replace National Identity Card (Minor)

If you have provided your mobile number on the form, you will receive notification via SMS informing you that you may now collect the new identity card.

If you use such an ID and they find out, not only will the ID be invalid, but you might get into quite some trouble to prove that you are the person represented in that ID, and not someone who stole it. Whether that actually happens i.

If she’s from an EU country that issues ID cards, does she have one? Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help.

After this time, the new card will be destroyed. Note that even if there was a procedure to revert the declaration officially there isn’t cerva, it would probably take a long time to take effect everywhere, if at all. She could be claiming to be Joan of Arc, but she’s got no ID.

Does she know where she is born? If you are in possession 114011 a secured document even if it is no longer valid you do not need to provide once again documents related to your civil status or French nationality. A certificate of French nationality exist but it is not simple to obtain, your friend’s mother will have to ask to the bailiff Chef Greffier of the tribunal of her birthplace.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Possession of an ID card may also come in handy if the police or the gendamerie would request you to identify yourself, the procedure may take longer if you can not present proper identification.


Discussion Forum Libre tous les jours sauf dimanche. IIRC at some point only large-scale thefts of blank IDs were recorded, but that has probably changed by now.

France – Replace Your National Identity Card In Case of Loss (Adult)

Mairie de Basse-Terre Physical address: Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Honestly cwrfa needs to search if 144011 has distant cousins or family, or whatever she can find from her dead parents to find proof of identity before she can do anything to reclaim citizenship.

If the consulate ever asks her why she isn’t registered in the list optional for French residents abroad or how she hasn’t got a passport while living in the US, she just needs to say she is ALSO a US citizen.

The only people who could have identified her are her parents and they’ve passed away years ago. Content is available under Creative Commons Attribution unless otherwise noted.

Following are procedures on how to replace your national identity card for adults in case of loss. Privacy policy About Cegfa Disclaimers. It is not their problem to know how she can legally stay in the US or not.