Freedom at Midnight [Larry Collins, Dominique Lapierre] on *FREE * shipping on qualifying offers. [Read by Frederick Davidson] This is the story of. Full text of “Lapierre, Dominique And Larry Collins Freedom At Midnight” India The Fifth Horseman Freedom at Midnight Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins. First published in , this edition is a new edition of the best-selling book described as irreplaceable by Le Monde, Paris.

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Painstaking research usually results in unreadable materia There are enough reviews about the content of this book. Oct 27, Sanjay Huilgol rated it really liked it.

Paramount Pictures, which was planning a film based on the book, dropped the idea in fear that fanatics would emulate the scenario in real life. Mountbatten obliged and, sort-of staying in background, administered in military precision the smooth exodus of Indian Muslims and newly formed Pakistan’s non-Muslims.

I’m leaving for India and this book was recommended to me. The authors struggle with the very basic idea of why some brown people wanted independence, especially when the British were so benevolent and wise, and give up and just talk about it like it was just something which was happening, no hard feelings really, except against Jinnah.

It shows you in clear light, the real essence of being the father of a nation. Reason – they felt incapable of handling the horrendous situation partition had presented before them. Think this is one book which every kid in the subcontinent should read before he finishes high school. I am happy at the generation I am living in, but after reading this book, it made me wonder whether I have missed the most epoch making time of my country, well any country for that matter.

He gets an outside perspective of India, allowing him to criticise without having to feel obligated to justify any act or man. New York Times Book Review. This is a terribly difficult book to rate. And oh, look, Mountbatten has a Rolls Royce! The mantle of Indian night, the smoke from those numberless cow-dung fires drifting through the evening sky, permeating it with the distinctive pungent smell that was the body odor of Mother India.

Loving citizens who were once neighbours, turned on each other instantly. It’s almo Oh goody, yet another book written through colonial tinted glasses. Some years ago, I had an Pakistani friend who showed a group of us some photos of his old school. How incredibly he unites India at the brink of civil war and total collapse where no one else could achieve it.

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Two, the partition, probably the worst time in her history. Interview with Professor Mohammad Amin. If you want to read a romanticised hagiography of Mountbatten, or, if I’m being charitable, a version of the liberation of India as seen through Mountbatten’s eyes: Jinnah,the founder of Pakistan. The one Englishman who thought only the good of India and guided her journey. If you only read this book you won’t know, for the authors were obviously very aware that Mountbatten descendents themselves would be reading this book, and they didn’t want to make them uncomfortable with annoying little questions.

And although that was a largely ceremonial title, the government’s leaders asked him to secretly take on almost dictatorial powers when the crisis came.

Jan 14, Dwight rated it it was amazing. I didn’t realize that part of the reason that Hindus hate Muslims so much is because many Muslims took up that religion because they were Hindu Untouchables who didn’t want to wait for the next life to have a little say-so in what happened to them. I learned so much about Gandhi and the history of India. Except for not allowing his personal plane to transport freefom Muslim countrymen out of harm’s way while he was dying.

Freedom at Midnight

Towards the long side, but worth the time. I see that the header here has failed to note that this book was written by a team of authors: From each side of their speeding car, the broad fields of sugar cane, wheat, paddy, flat as a man’s hand, ran down to a horizon so distant that it might seem the edge of the world.

The book boasts of an exhaustive research done in the library of Mountbatten, over dinners and back in India, which gives an impression that the book is true to the events and emotions of the era.

A must read book collinx all generations. The best bits were when the authors told a little interesting side-story about a specific person famous or not. One gets to know why this is the one deep blemish that has stained the minds of every subsequent generation on the both sides of the midnlght.


If you watch the movie Gandhi, and read this book, you have pretty much got the history of the time covered and a good understanding of the politics of the time.

Gandhi almost single-handedly prevented similar communal violence in Calcutta. The most astounding achievement of this book is that it rips out the aura of myths that have agglomerated around our political figures associated with the freedom movement, and humanizes each and every one of them, while being totally neutral, and being absolutely honest with the dpminique.

Having been there most of the time in question, I can vouch for the accuracy of its general mood. Collinw research usually results in unreadable material. While numerous tomes have been written on the Indian freedom struggle, the popularity of Freedom at Midnight lies in its easy narrative flow which veers from the thrilling to the enlightening, sometimes poignant and ever-compelling style. How incredibly he unites India at the The book tells the true story on the basis of facts about how we got our freedom.

Very rarely comes a defining moment that changes history to the extent of being un-recognizable and very rarely comes a book that changes your life, perceptions and everything that you presumed to be true once and for all.

From a thousand, tens of thousands of mud-brick huts speckling the great Punjab plain it came, the smoke of India’s mealtime fires. The British also come off as a great lapidrre of people.

Freedom at Midnight by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Collins () – Not Even Past

This sort of narrative history also contains drawbacks that limit our understanding of this important moment. Anyone interested in British Colonialism or India.

The authors have done plenty of primary research and interviewing with staff and family of other players, but there is no doubt that Mountbatten is front and center in this narrative and that the book occasionally veers towards hagiography.

This makes it an accessible book for new readers.