With respect to trademarks: HackMaster is a registered trademark of Kenzer and Company. Hacklopedia of Beasts, the Kenzer and Company logo. I’m reviewing the Hackmaster PHB. The HackMaster Player’s Handbook, from the cover, is unmistakably a parody of the Player’s Handbook. HackMaster, the game of choice for the Knights of the Dinner Table. As for cost, the Hackmaster PHB costs the same as most other main gaming system books.

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Hackmaster HackMaster Player Handbook

Do not let the name fool you. Well to begin with, many of the class descriptions have been modified, and are somewhat sillier then the original rules.

Despite the claims of others that Hackmaster is a game with a great deal of errata, I find this not to be the case. The world of HackMaster needs heroes like you — steel your nerve, ready your wits and answer the call! It even explicitly states that it’s “a parody of games and the people who play them,” and it’s not meant to be taken seriously.

Have you ever taken a look at the class books? The good news is that a hackmasteer GM will ignore this and tone down the quirks and flaws, maybe by giving the players extra BPs without them and a relatively good game will be hackmasteer result. The fiths chapter is about honor, alignement and fame. Furthermore experience points needed to obtain a level are based on class; if you like each class to have its own powers, you’ll like this part of Hackmaster.

Arguably if not factually the most popular fantasy story of all is such a tale.

This bonus or penalty is significant enough so that player’s spend a lot of time worrying about their Honor as the game is played. This is also the essence of HackMaster.


Now a group of six kobolds might actually kill a character or two if you’re not careful. Weapons receive sepperate values for damage against small, medium or large opponements, armor and shields get hitpoints see combatbut most of the rules are just the typical stuff.

The Piazza

While the 3rd Edition tried to give each skill a broader range of usefullness, in Hackmaster each and every skill is different. But let me begin from the start Monday, 28th May, No overly large fonts or wide margins. It is also rather curious. Whether that means overcoming foes with superior tactics, answering a tough riddle or discovering the secret room concealing fabulous treasure, all involve overcoming a difficulty with your friends.

With this concept you as a gamemaster get phh handy tool with which you let the group find solutions for inner group problems.

With the GM being all powerful, this player vs. You can skip this entirely if you like but adding a 1 or 2 will give you some good hooks for role playing your character.

This book gives players all they need to know to delve into the wonderful violent world of HackMaster, the role-playing game originally released by Hard 8 Enterprises. The skill system is much improved over the old non-weapon prof system allowing you to train skills as you gain gold to spend on schooling.

Knights of the Dinner Table Webstrips – HackMaster PHB Excerpt…

Talents like less sleep, photographic memory, acrobatic, tough hide and spear bonus are just some examples. This is one of my favorite chapters as it provides hackmastrr more backgorund information to charakters as the normal player typically write down. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission.

The overwhelming majority of rules for this game come straight from the old 1st ed. The chapter 13 to 17 are about the life of adventures, talking about encounter, nsc’s, movement, light and such. If you didn’t don’t be afraid: I rate this product five out of five and urge you to take a look at it instead of just dismissing the game as a joke. I like the fact that weapons and armor need maintenance and break down if not properly cared for.

  M997 TM PDF

Play HackMaster for a few sessions and you will realize that this is the last fantasy roleplaying game you will ever need. Friday, 13th January, Gonna keep it short, since as a Hackmaster GM since the game came out I could tell anyone more about this book then they would want to know.

HackMaster Player’s Handbook

;hb games in this condition may be played but show little to no wear. Here is where the HackMaster game sets itself apart from other fantasy roleplaying games. Fair Very well used, but complete and useable. Once again, a good GM can tone this part of the game down. In HackMaster, your character will be asked time and time again to display true heroism, to overcome personal and situational deficiencies and rise to the challenge.

So I looked through a wide range of system and finaly tried Hackmaster Little Keep of the Borderlands? Alignment and Honor are taken to extemes where characters must be wary of their hirelings urinating in their canteens actual example from book.

pjb Each ability starts with the roll of 3d6 and then gets a d00 roll for a fractional ability score. About my only complaint is that the book is not in hardcover; my softcover Hackmaster books fall apart too rapidly but it might be that they are heavily used.